Sunday, March 6, 2011

Magic Book Tutorial

  • 0.4 m ribbon
  • 4x cardboard 10x15 cm (you can choose your own measures)
  • 2x fabric A 13x18 cm (just make sure you have an 1.5 cm allowance)
  • 2x fabric B 13x18 cm
  • glue. I used spray glue, but this isn't necessary. You might even consider using doublesided tape...

1. Add glue to all four sides of your cardboard
2. Place the cardboard with the glued side up on the wrong side of the fabric.
3. Fold the fabric over and stick it to the glue
4. Fold the edges in a little triangle, like you are wrapping a present, before you fold the next side over.

Cover two pieces of cardboard with fabric A and the other two with fabric B.

5.Put some glue on the end of the ribbon and stick it to the cardboard, 2 cm from the top and bottom (you     can  choose 3 cm as well,  as long as it is the same on both top and bottom) If you turn the cardboard you flip the ribbon over to the right side...
6.Do the same for the crossed side. Be sure the cross is on the right side of the cardboard. I placed the cross 4 cm from both top and bottom. If you turn it over, you'll see the cross on the right side.
7. Make sure the cross is on the right side, and then glue the ribbon ends on the wrong side of your fabric B piece of cardboard. Again on 4 cm from both top and bottom.
8. Put some glue to the cardboard of your fabric B and place the other side with straight ribbons on top. Pull the ribbon thight and glue it to the backside of you crossed piece, again on 2 cm from the top and the bottom. Turn the whole thing over and glue the left piece of cardboard, covered with fabric B on top, with the right side up. Now you're done. I forgot take a picture of this step, but this shouldn't be hard to figure out. 

Now you're ready to impress your (grand)children. Isn't that what we want to do all the time?