Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Origami Valentine Garland Tutorial

Various origami sheets. I cut mine in pieces of 7,5x7,5 cm. The average origami sheets measures 15x15 cm.
Fold the over the diagonal on both sides and unfold again. (Diagram below step 1)

Then you fold along the diagonal you did before. If you do it on both sides, you get a ´kite´ shape. Unfold again.(Diagram step 2)
Do the same on the other side. Keep unfolding. You ony see the lines the folds have made. (Diagram step 2)
Fold over to the `crossroad of folds´ you did before. (Diagram step 3)
This is the tricky part. You fold alongside both ´kite´ lines. Meanwhile you fold the litte triangle you made in the step before in half and lift it. It sounds harder than it is. Because of the fold you make, it will kind of go that way automatically. (Diagram step 4 and 5)
Turn the sheet around! Now fold the pointy edges to the middle. (Diagram step 6)

And fold the edges as you can see on the right side of my finger on the picture above to the middle. Do the same on the left side. (Diagram step 7)
Flipover and your origami Valentine´s heart is done!
Now grab some yarn, a needle with an eye big enough for your thread, and small enough for the beads you might want to use.
And that's how you put the needle through. If you use beads, tie them by backstitching every time you put one.