Saturday, August 16, 2014

Horse keyring and minipurse

You need:
  • strip of 3mm wool felt 20x5 cm in horselike color
  • strip of 3 mm  wool felt 10x5 cm in the same color
  • little pieces of thin wool felt (1mm) for nose, nostril, manes and inner ear in a contrasting color
  • 2 silver sequins
  • embroidery thread in the color of your little pieces of felt and for the bridle
  • embroidery needle
  • 2 cm velcro
  • exacto knife (alternative; stanley knife)
  • 5 cm ribbon 
  • key ring
  • sharp scissors
  • sewing machine
  • copy/past the picture and print it on A4
Cut out the end of the long strip of your 3mm woolfelt  using part 1.
Cut out piece 2 out of a contrasting color thin wool felt. For piece 3, the nostril, you need a slightly darker color. Seam the nostril (3) on the nose (3) with tiny stitches. Use a running stitch to attach the nose to the head.

Cut out the manes (4) out of thin wool felt and again use a running stitch or a blanket stitch to attach this piece to the head. The manes are not covering all of the head! Look at the overall picture to see how the pieces should be attached on the head.

Now embroider the eye. You can use a french knot and embroider a thin line above the knot.

Cut out the ear (5) out of 3mm wool felt (use the piece you cut of to create the head) and the inner ear in a contrasting color of thin wool felt. Use tiny stitches to attach the inner ear to the ear.

Make an incision as shown on the overall picture with your exacto knife. No stick the ear in it. A cocktail pick might be useful! Attach the stem of the ear to the back of the strip with a few stitches.

If you like you can embroider a bridle, using a chainstitch and some sequins, see picture.

Now use your sewing machine to attach the velcro on the back of the head (the yellow lines on the picture), attach the other end on the right side your 10x5cm 3mm woolfelt strip. Put the long strip with the right side down and the short strip with the right side up, aligned at the bottom.

Fold the ribbon around the ring and place it in between the two strips and sew together with your sewing machine.

Please don't pay attention to the gap above the manes. We all make mistakes sometimes...

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